CheckVentory Eliminates Collateral Risk

Enabling our customers to lend and their customers to access credit.

Solutions that work for every business

Our field auditing solutions work for any collateral risk, no matter who - or where - you are.

All your inventory validated

Our proprietary analytics engine validated each and every asset automatically, enabling you to focus your attention where it matters.

Asset Auditing, anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Our system is specifically designed to allow you fast, efficient access to information

Check Inventory

CheckVentory provides essential information to banks to improve credit control and cash flow management on funded inventory.

Multiple Mobile Platforms

Easily implementable and scalable Enterprise solution designed to work with multiple platforms and devices.

Real-Time Reconciliation

CheckVentory reconciles in real time during audits ensuring accuracy and speed.

Security Analytics & Systems

Designed for fraud prevention and detection, so you deal with less risk.

Dashboard Management

Simple visual user interface for fast, immediate reporting.

Take Control of Your Field-Based Auditing


CheckVentory has been designed to enable credit controllers to access all relevant information efficiently. Business rules can be enabled to drive auto validation processing with all exceptions highlighted for the user to act on individually.


Our Database management tool enables customers to mirror their exact corporate structure. If a location has a relationship with more than one “parent company”, permissions can be enabled to avoid duplication and time inefficiencies.


CheckVentory stock audits are a vital tool in managing risk in floorplan lending, providing reassurance for both financial institutions and dealerships.

Vehicle Inventory Auditing

Your Inventory. Your Control.

"I have no doubt that CheckVentory will become the industry benchmark for collateral auditing"

Head of Asset Finance, Pillar Bank

"I always thought that asset auditing was needlessly complicated, this (CheckVentory) proves there is a far simpler way to achieve better results"

CEO, Major Automotive Group


Head of Internal Audit, Automotive Multinational

"You forget how blind we were before we started using CheckVentory"

Risk Manager, Captive Bank

"Having the dealers involved in self auditing has transformed the way we  manage our credit. The good guys are getting more and the bad guys..... well let's just say we're paying more attention to them"

Head of Credit, Automotive Distributor

" we are now identifying operational risks that were previously unknown, unknowns!"

Manager of Internal Operations, Automotive Dealer Group

"we thought we had strong processes around our inventory management. The guys from CheckVentory challenged us to validate our processes using their platform, when we saw the results of the first audit , we asked, where do we sign up!"

CEO, Automotive Dealer Group

"CheckVentory is without a doubt the best tool we have ever used for identifying  risks in our credit process. It strips everything down to the fundamentals, without getting them right, you are just chasing your tail"

CRO, Wholesale Lender