Motor industry

Dealer Network: Simultaneous Group-wide Audit

Dealer Network

  When it comes to physical vehicle audits one of the biggest challenges are scale and speed. Audits need to be conducted and concluded quickly to be relevant but the bigger the scale the more challenging the process. We recently conducted a case study with a client that was avoiding conducting network audits as it…

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WLTP: What is it all about?

WLTP Testing

WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure)  WLTP is a new, realistic measuring process for determining a car’s fuel consumption, range and emissions. It is mandatory for all manufacturers and will be binding in all participating countries. However, while the name suggests it is a “worldwide” standard, no country in either North or South America is part…

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What is Inventory Finance?

Consignment A consignment agreement is an arrangement resulting from a contract in which one entity, the consignor, entrusts goods to another, the consignee, for sale. The consignee acts as an agent on behalf of the consignor, a principal in selling the goods and must take reasonable care of them while in his or her possession.…

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CheckVentory allows car dealers to self-audit (SAudit) more accurately

When most people see shiny new cars on a garage forecourt they don’t know that the dealer doesn’t own the cars. A financial institution or the distributor for the brand they represent does,” says Adrian Walsh founder of CheckVentory, an automated stock checking system designed to replace manual inventory control in high value asset sectors…

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Keeping stock pays dividends

  Early career experiences often provide the seedbed of inspiration for future enterprise. In the case of Adrian Walsh, a combination of careers in the information technology and automative industries combined to provide the idea for CheckVentory, a new firm that recently won the 2015 PwC Docklands Innovation Award. While working as MD for one…

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What’s your number?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): Most people don’t realise is that since the dawn of mass production virtually every vehicle has had some form of a unique identifier stamped onto its body. These numbers helped manufacturers to link production to orders but numbering conventions varied by manufacturer.   VINs were first used in 1954. From 1954…

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