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CheckVentory uses highly innovative mobile technology to enable audits to be assigned, managed and reconciled on one platform, quickly, easily and accurately. It enables customers to utilise existing resources in each of the locations, vastly reducing the cost and time of conducting audits.

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Adrian – The Founder

Former CEO of a major automotive manufacturer, where he experienced first hand the challenges of managing Inventory credit to a distributed network. He holds a Masters in Management Practice.

Alan M – The Numerator

Former Bank CEO, Alan is a chartered accountant with years of experience dealing with credit risk, compliance , governance and control.

Virginia – The Planner

Virginia has many years of experience working in customer success as a project manager. She eats problems for breakfast.

Garrett, Kieron & Alex – The Data Guys

Experts in computer vision and machine learning, Spacial Data Structures, kerning and many other unpronounceable abilities that make our software epic.

David, Graham & Austin – The Architects

Technical geniuses with a combined 50 years development experience leading enterprise development solutions.

Aaron – The Protaganist

Aaron tries to break what we do. He tests our theories, ideas and software. 

Niamh – The Organiser

Niamh has over 25 years experience in getting stuff done! No mess, no complaining, no excuses, just doing it.


Carlos – The Designer

Carlos is a Human Experience expert, he makes the complicated things people have to do look simple and beautiful.

Andrea – The People Person

Andrea has over 20 years experience in identifying, coaching and nurturing talented people.


Alan S – The Mentor

Alan has over 15 years experience running his own Global organisation, he helps us avoid some of the hidden trap doors.

Richard – The Hunter


Richard is our industry oracle, he was there when the first proper DMS was being born! A wise sage, Richard now spends his days on Business Development and wishing he had CheckVentory during the first 30 years of his career.

Annie – The Marketeer

She's young, enthusiastic and confident. She helps us get our message right.

More Control = Less Risk

Field Auditing can be needlessly complicated and costly.
That's why we've created a better solution.

Banks that support their customers with mobile asset backed Inventory Finance expose themselves to numerous risks throughout the distribution process.

This financing risk peaks during the stocking and sales processes when the funded inventory is dispersed across a wide dealer network.

To reduce risk, teams of external auditors are regularly dispatched to all stock locations to conduct an inventory audit and reconcile all assets back to the balance sheet. Frequently auditors rely on paper based listings, resulting in needless complications, errors and difficult reconciliation.

CheckVentory lets you take control of your inventory and manage it all from a single, cloud-based platform. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to utilise existing resources, audits are not only accurate but simple, fast, and streamlined.

By conducting in-depth vehicle stock audits our experts help keep you abreast of the funding status of stock, reducing the risk of vehicles being sold out of trust – and ultimately protecting credit status.

Our team of experts have developed our technology to finally resolve the challenges of auditing ever changing inventories in the field. Our user centric solution compares a dealership’s current inventory with information about vehicles sold, collecting asset specific data. Our platform and pricing plans are flexible enough to be shaped to meet your specific requirements and can be one-off operations or longer-term, periodic inspections that help you identify trends and mitigate risk.

Whatever processes we instigate, the outcome will be a digital report that can be instantly disseminated to key personnel – within dealerships and their financial providers – who have been identified in the planning stage.

Our stock audits ensure that trust is maintained between loan providers and their clients, providing accurate and transparent information on inventory status. 

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