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CheckVentory Dealer Audit is now LotCount

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Are Your Dealerships Reaching Their Full Potential?

By securing additional funding, improving sales performance, delivering enhanced customer service and reducing overheads you could achieve much more.

But none of this can be realised without an accurate, up-to-date and accessible overview of your stock portfolio.


We’ve been listening to the difficulties dealers face in monitoring and managing their stock

  • Getting a full view of the portfolio across multiple locations
  • Relying on manual monitoring processes and paper-based records to conduct the dealer audit
  • Consolidating data from multiple internal sources and third parties
  • Discovering gaps in processes and inconsistencies in management practices
  • Tying up highly-skilled resource with dealership audits that would be better used elsewhere

And this can have a very real impact on your business performance

Stock inaccuracies lead to missed sales opportunities and damage to your reputation for customer service excellence.

Funders’ confidence gets shaken by poor quality management information and compliance errors, reducing the availability of credit.

Business planning and decision-making are hampered by incomplete or misleading reporting.

Dealership Performance Improvement
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Reasons to choose CheckVentory Audit

  • Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the automotive industry and the logistical difficulties faced in tracking vehicle movements across multi-site dealer groups
  • Our cloud and app-based solution delivers a group-wide view of all of your stock at any point in time. Added to this, the AI-powered software consolidates data-feeds from multiple sources to give a complete and validated appraisal of your portfolio.
  • This means that stock can be managed proactively, maximising sales opportunities and allowing better-informed management decisions
  • This ‘helicopter’ view provides invaluable input for governance and compliance requirements across a dealer network, as well as helping to secure lines of credit by building greater trust and collaboration with funders
  • Internally, inefficient processes are quickly highlighted and the potential for fraud is greatly reduced, while accounting accuracy of VAT, cash-flow and commission payments is enhanced

Ready to find out more?

LotCount is the new name for CheckVentory's Dealer Audit solution. Head over to to learn more.

Ask the people who already use CheckVentory Audit

"I always thought that asset auditing was needlessly complicated, this (CheckVentory) proves there is a far simpler way to achieve better results"

CEO, Major Automotive Industry Group

“We thought we had strong processes around our inventory management. The guys from CheckVentory challenged us to validate our processes across our dealer network using their platform, when we saw the results of the first audit, we asked, where do we sign up!"

CEO, Automotive Dealer Group

“We are now identifying operational risks that were previously unknown, unknowns!"


Manager of Internal Operations, Automotive Dealer Group

Change isn’t always easy ... but with CheckVentory Audit we do the heavy lifting


Moving from a manual dealer audit regime to a data-driven, continual monitoring process might sound daunting - our on-boarding experts make it child’s-play.

They will:

  • Gain a full understanding of your requirements, including existing systems that you’d like to integrate for cross-checking and reconciliation
  • Develop a bespoke on-boarding programme, including the set-up of all data feeds and configuration to match your processes
  • Provide full support and training throughout the implementation and beyond

Our innovation has been recognised with multiple awards

Audit excellence guarantee

We won’t rest until you’re 100% delighted with CheckVentory Audit and the added-value it can deliver to your business.


That’s why we provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide and support you through the entire process.

customer success manager to support CheckVentory customers

Don’t let your business be held back by poor data a moment longer

Our experts are waiting to get you on the path to stronger relationships with funders, more effective sales management and happier customers.

Book a 30 minute demo to take a look at how CheckVentory Audit can help your dealer group.

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Who can benefit from CheckVentory to aid inventory management?

We have a strong heritage in the automotive industry where we assist manufacturers, financial institutions and dealership groups in conducting and supporting dealer audit services.

As well as auditing cars and commercial vehicles, our technical solutions work perfectly for assets such as caravans, agricultural equipment, construction equipment or fork lifts

Get in touch to give our deal audit tools a test drive.

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