Creating Your Stock Audit Plan: What to Check Before You Start

stock audit plan

Deciding to create a new stock audit procedure is not an easy one. Even if you’re upgrading an old framework, numerous options may influence the quality of your future audits. As a result, careful planning may save you time and money in the long run by streamlining and improving the efficiency and accuracy of your…

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Stock Control as a Strategic Issue: Flexible Funding

Gone are the days when dealers relied on their own capital or regular bank lending to stock their forecourts. As competition has increased, business owners have looked for more flexible ways in which to fund a larger number of vehicles, in order to attract more customers. In today’s environment, with rapid stock turnover and huge…

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Stock as a Strategic Issue: Rocketing Values

During the last 18 months the word ‘unprecedented’ has become ubiquitous and, arguably, overused in many contexts. There are, however, good reasons why its application to the car industry, both globally and locally, is well justified. The pandemic has had a tumultuous impact on both the supply and demand side of the industry and throughout…

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Stock Control as a Strategic Issue: Taking an Omnichannel Approach

The lockdowns of the last year have resulted in the ‘shortcutting’ of consumers’ comfort with, and expectations of, buying online. This has been true across almost all categories of product, including big ticket items such as cars. In the Autotrader Market Report November 2020, 41% of research respondents stated that they would consider buying a…

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Stock Control as a Strategic Issue: A Need for Agility

retailer stock management

The industry has discovered its Achilles heel – vehicles so heavily reliant on processing power that they are literally immobilised by the scarcity of semi-conductor chips, causing a huge impact on the new vehicle supply chain. At the same time, increasing consumer confidence and unexpected access to cash from savings during lockdowns have combined with…

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