Are Your Risk Management Policies Sufficiently Refined?

floorplan funding risk

Do you have the detailed information you need to make the right decisions? Floorplan finance is commonly used in the automotive industry by dealers to purchase inventory. However, there can be a fair amount of risk for floorplan finance lenders since they don’t have complete control over the vehicles on which the loan is secured.…

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Modern Dealer Audit Technology: the Evolution of Dealer Self Audits

dealer audit technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of technology-enabled audits by funders, with travel restrictions limiting the ability for auditors to visit dealership sites. However, for some time before then, funders increasingly recognised that traditional, paper-based manual audits are no longer enough, with many floor plan funders exploring new technologies to support the audit…

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Dealer Floor Plan Financing Explained

dealer floor plan woman and car

In the automotive industry, the terms floor planning, stock finance, and floor plan financing are frequently used. Floor plan finance is a form of funding used by organisations such as franchised and independent motor dealers, agricultural equipment vendors, materials handling equipment dealers, and similar. This form of funding is a way of using revolving credit…

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Now is the Time to Digitise

digitisation for wholesale funders

The current global context is pushing organisations to make better-informed, faster decisions to survive in a rapidly changing environment. As organisations begin to shift from the recovery phase of COVID-19 to the renewal, many are focused on what comes next and capitalising on the changes made to the business during the height of the crisis. One question…

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CheckVentory allows car dealers to self-audit (SAudit) more accurately

When most people see shiny new cars on a garage forecourt they don’t know that the dealer doesn’t own the cars. A financial institution or the distributor for the brand they represent does,” says Adrian Walsh founder of CheckVentory, an automated stock checking system designed to replace manual inventory control in high value asset sectors…

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Keeping stock pays dividends

  Early career experiences often provide the seedbed of inspiration for future enterprise. In the case of Adrian Walsh, a combination of careers in the information technology and automative industries combined to provide the idea for CheckVentory, a new firm that recently won the 2015 PwC Docklands Innovation Award. While working as MD for one…

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