digitisation for wholesale funders

Now is the Time to Digitise

The current global context is pushing organisations to make better-informed, faster decisions to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

As organisations begin to shift from the recovery phase of COVID-19 to the renewal, many are focused on what comes next and capitalising on the changes made to the business during the height of the crisis.

One question we hear frequently when discussing digital business strategy now is, “Why is this digitalisation different from digital prior to COVID-19?” And the answer is pace — the pace of adoption. With a potentially short window of time before a resurgence of the virus or other related disruption, organisations need to act quickly.

The digital part isn’t new, but the acceleration part is crucial. This is about the urgent adoption of established patterns, many of them digital, but also patterns of psychology (how do we survive), organisation (are we equipping people with the best skills and cohorts?) and governance (do we need so much bureaucracy, or can we move faster?)

Wholesale lending is an area ripe for digitisation. During the first 6 months of this crisis we have helped numerous banks to manage their floor plans, some as a supplemental stopgap to physical stock checks but many others with a full network wide implementation of digital dealer self-auditing.

All remotely managed and with significant savings to our clients.

If your organisation is reviewing your floor plan risk strategy, please get in touch and we will lend our experience to ensure you to achieve the best results in the shortest time.