WLTP: What is it all about?

WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) 

WLTP is a new, realistic measuring process for determining a car’s fuel consumption, range and emissions. It is mandatory for all manufacturers and will be binding in all participating countries. However, while the name suggests it is a “worldwide” standard, no country in either North or South America is part of it…. yet!

WLTP Countries

So why a new procedure?

The current NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) procedure, developed in the 1990s, is totally outdated.  The Diesel Emission scandal highlighted many deficiencies with the process. In Response the responsible UN committee therefore decided to create a new testing procedure. The development process required the analysis of over 750,000 driven kilometres covering three continents (Asia, Europe, USA).

After evaluating the data, a test procedure was developed that is valid as of 1 September 2018, for new produced vehicles. The new test should help deliver more precise and reality-based user data. Hybrid and electric cars are also included.WLTP-infographic

What is different in the WLTP test cycle procedure?

The new WLTP measurement process is much more realistic. Test duration, test distance and stationary time are measured much more precisely. Also new: electric and hybrid vehicles receive a special test called the “city phase”.

There are also additional elements that are significant: Individual vehicle configurations are considered – including tyres, wheel size, rim type and even seat material.

All in all the new measurements mean a clearer, more comprehensible test result for every single vehicle.

However, the introduction of the new standards is far from simple. There are huge taxation implications based on emissions, resulting in uncertainty for current or immenant fleet buyers. Will current cars need retesting, if so will taxes be adjusted based on new (higher) standard?

Should new buyers wait until after September 2018 to buy their cars?

Uncertainty leads to confusion which suffocates  sales. There is too much taxation revenue tied up in motoring to allow sales to slip….watch this space!

nedc v wltp